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About Us

The Voice of Elijah® web site is an outreach ministry of Voice of Elijah, Inc., which is a non-profit, tax-exempt Christian organization managed by corporate officers and governed by a ten-member Board of Directors.

Voice of Elijah, Inc. is dedicated to educating born-again Believers who seek to know the One True God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—through a greater knowledge of the Scriptures, The Apostolic Teaching, and Early Christian beliefs concerning the End Times.

The materials provided here are for those who believe the Church today offers simplistic answers to complex questions. Selected articles from The Voice of Elijah® newsletter are available for online reading in The Stacks of our Online Library.

Voice of Elijah, Inc., its corporate officers, and the ten members of our Board of Directors are completely independent from Larry D. Harper—the author of the articles published in The Voice of Elijah® quarterly newsletter—and The Elijah Project, which publishes The AntiChrist booklet and many of the other publications available on this web site.

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